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LLORETRAIL INFORMATION 6 km and 16 km 04/16/23


Departure at 9:30 a.m. NEXT TO THE LOCAL POLICE OF LLORET (Fuente de Kaikuta - Barrio del Rieral): wooded and wide area located on the outskirts of Lloret, at the entrance coming from Vidreres, away from the town center (same place as the previous editions)

In case you want to start in another box than the one you have assigned, you must notify it once you pick up the bib number, accrediting a mark in an approved race. Consequently we will give you a bracelet and we will modify the drawer.

IMPORTANT Once the number is picked up, it is assumed that the runner accepts the self-responsibility document and the race regulations.

Action plan HERE


Number delivery: You can pick it up on Saturday or Sunday

Place: Roca Grossa Institute, in Rosa Sensat i Vilà street, 1-11, Lloret de Mar (150 meters from the start/finish).

Saturday the 15th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday the 16th from 7:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.

Failure to pick up the bib number, jersey and runner's bag on the established days means renouncing them and participation without a bib number. (Consult the bib number collection section).


Briefing: Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Place: Roca Grossa Institute, in Rosa Sensat i Vilà street, 1-11, Lloret de Mar (150 meters from the start/finish).



Cloakroom: Sunday from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Place: Roca Grossa Institute, in Rosa Sensat i Vilà street, 1-11, Lloret de Mar (150 meters from the start/finish). Next to the Municipal swimming pool. 250 meters from the exit.

We ask for your patience because sanitary measures force us to be scrupulous and carry out the process one by one.

To be able to access and facilitate the organization tasks, it is necessary:

• DNI or registration receipt (can be presented by showing it from the mobile).

• Remember the assigned bib number (the list will be posted on the race website and you will have an informative email with your bib number).

• In case of picking up other bib numbers, in addition to your own, the corresponding authorization (photocopy or photo of the person's ID) will be necessary.

The gift bag will be delivered on arrival.



The participant needs:

• DRUM FOR RESERVATION It is NOT mandatory (there will be a provisioning service during the race), but for hygiene and health advice, we recommend each one to go with their drum and fill from home. You can refill it at the refreshments of the race. We will also have paper cups if you need it.

• CHIP (The rented chip will be attached to the number and it is not necessary to return it at the end of the race).

• APPROPRIATE SHOES AND CLOTHING (We recommend wearing the Joma race shirt).

• BAG OR BACKPACK (if you want to use the free cloakroom service).

• DORSAL (the number identifies the distance, and the drawer. When picking up the number, it is possible to modify the starting box according to your level, accrediting a mark in an approved race).


I MOVE TO THE RACE on Avenida El Rieral at the Kaikuta fountain (Next to the local police in Lloret de Mar).

Public transport: Bus station (6 minutes walk from the exit), train, plane (Girona Airport 20km away and Barcelona Airport 80km away).

Vehicles: we will have 2 free parking spaces next to the exit. At the end you can shower in the pool for free until 1:30 p.m.


Warm-up: there will be a signposted circuit to avoid crowds (see access map).


• WC with signage

• CLOTHES STORAGE from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

• SHOWERS: in the municipal swimming pool of Lloret, showing your number you can enter free of charge until 1:30 p.m. on the day of the race



The participant will be able to enter the forest of the race, and between 10 and 2 minutes before the start time they will be able to enter the starting box area.

To enter you will need:

• Accredit with the number, which corresponds to the series, and corresponding distance.

• Arrive within the scheduled time to run the series (check series schedules) from 10 minutes before the race until there are 2 minutes remaining, which you must enter in the starting area.

• Respect the safety distance marks marked on the ground or with tapes.


10 minutes before the departure time by public address system, the federated participants will be called in an orderly manner.

The participants are requested to be punctual to enter the starting boxes in stages, depending on the color that will differentiate the distance and number of their bib number. Organization and judges will control that it is done correctly.


It will be necessary to follow the instructions of the organization staff to pass from the warm-up area to the starting box.

Very important: Your time will start counting once you step on the starting mat and it will stop once you step on the finish mat. We will also have judges hard pace controls before the tour.



You have to take advantage of the width of the first 500 meters on asphalt and the mountain to overtake safely and with space.

The routes can be found on the race's website, the 6 km one is affordable for all levels, and the 16 km one with a little experience over long distances (limit time until 12:30 p.m.):


SUPPLIES (In the 16 km it is recommended that you bring your jerrycan, although we will have cardboard cups)

Refreshments in the 16km we will have them at km 3 (Water), at km 5 (Water), at km 8 (water + Isotonic + solid), at km 11 (water), at km 14 (Water) and at the finish line (Water + Isotonic + Nectin Juice + Alcohol-free Estrella Damm + Vitaldin + Quely Cookies + fruit).

Provisioning at 5km: At km 2 (water), at km 4 (water) and at the finish line (Water + Isotonic + Nectin Juice + Estrella Damm without alcohol + Vitaldin + Quely Biscuits + fruit).



The departure and arrival will be at the same point

After crossing the FINISH LINE you will access the services:

• MEDAL (whoever has chosen the medal option): Medal and photograph in the photocall. The participants who reserved it will collect their finisher medal from a table at the finish line, which will have been previously disinfected.

• The final provisioning area will be wide, the necessary hygienic measures will be maintained to maintain the minimum safety distances and the corresponding handling of liquids and solids. Both liquids and solids will be kept closed for safety at the refreshment table.

• HYDRATION: Water + isotonic + Estrella Damm without alcohol + Nectin

• PICA-PICA: Quely biscuits + Vitaldin + fruit (all closed).

• CLOTHES STORAGE: in the Roca Grossa institute.

• RENTAL CHIP: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RETURN IT, you will take it to your number.

• Runner's BAG once you pass the finish line.


I scroll to THE RACE.

Vehicles: You will have 2 free parking spaces next to the exit in the water park.



Changing rooms, showers, WC and swimming pool (In the municipal swimming pool until 1:30 p.m.)



       Enjoy Lloret de Mar and the Costa Brava!!!