Lloretrail 2021 Regulation

5km and 13km

  1. The Lloretrail will be organized 11/04/2021, by the La Sansi Athletics Club with the collaboration of the Lloret de Mar City Council and the Diputación of Girona, with in the calendar of the Catalan Athletics Federation and the Championchip League (Scores on 13km).


  1. The fact of registering or participating in the test represents the total acceptance and respect of these regulations. Its interpretation and everything that is not expressly regulated, will be decided by the organization, based on the regulations of the Federation.

The information and training will be adapted according to the measures that the Ministry of Health and / or Procicat update, so continuous monitoring of them is required.


During the race, participants must try not to approach another participant to less than the allowed safety meters. They can only do it to advance or be advanced with the maximum possible separation.


Other people who are not participants or accredited will not have access within 100 meters of the start and finish, nor in the Village of the Trail where all the services of the race will be.


Booths will be installed to clean hands with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. All participants, Organizing Committee and volunteers will have prior information on the Protocol that they will accept at the time of registration and / or collection of the number. If the participants do not comply, the Organization or the Federation judges may disqualify. This Protocol will be visible on the website in different languages, through the organization's social networks, by email to each participant and will be repeated by megaphone


We will analyze before and during the event the distribution and organization of the jobs to ensure that the safety distance is maintained in all areas of common use. Establish circulation flows that make it possible to avoid the coincidence of people in circulation areas, especially at the start and finish.


Throughout the event, they will recall the hygiene and safety rules on several occasions, prioritizing the maintenance of the safety distance, and the use of the gel and mask (except when running).

Sharing material or food between participants is prohibited.

During the morning, participants will not be required to wear the mask, as long as the safety distance is respected.

If the organization or health team deems it appropriate, a possibility to keep in mind is without contact and with a remote thermometer, taking the temperature of the participants before the race. It will always be before the warm-up, to avoid that the result is not reliable.


  1. Participation in the race is under the responsibility and own risk of the participants where the decision to participate in the race rests, and they exempt the organization from claims or demands based on alleged actions of the participants or others that act in their favor, also of claims or demands resulting from damage or illness that may happen to the participants and their materials including loss, and which they will accept once they have registered. The participants must request and sign the documents upon delivery of the required numbers to more clearly demonstrate the regulations. At the time of registration, the participants state that they are physically fit for the event.


We will place specialized personnel at different points along the route and at the controls to ensure the safety of the participants. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the specialized personnel in the event that this is communicated. In case of abandonment, it must be reported as soon as possible to the organization either at the control points, organization or on the emergency telephone number.


  1. Medical personnel and ambulances will be available at strategic points along the route to intervene in case of need. In case the weather conditions advise it, an alternative route would be made that will be communicated through social networks, the web and prior to departure. If the case arises, of a change in the alternative route once the start has been made, this will be communicated to the participants at the control points. A broom team in charge will close the race, you must check the pace of the participants and they would be given help if they needed it.


  1. If the person who registers, and finally cannot participate in the test, the organization will not make any refund or exchange.


  1. The 2 distances to travel in the absolute category will be 5 or 13km (approximate distances).



It is recommended that the participants of the 13km are over 14 years old, and those who are under 18 years old will have to sign the online authorization of the form or at the time of picking up the number they will have to ask for the authorization, and deliver it to the organization.


The provisional schedules will be the following:


13km: Staggered departures from 9:00 a.m. (provisional schedule)

  5km: Staggered departures from 11:00 a.m. (provisional schedule)


We depend on the health guidelines of the moment, but the outings will be staggered, they could be every 10 seconds of 4 in 4 participants (2 men + 2 women of different rhythms) to avoid going together, depending on the distance and level, respecting the safety distances, with a minimum of 2 meters of separation, and to fulfill this distance they must refer to signs on the ground that the judges and the organization will enforce.

Liquid and solid refreshment, all closed on arrival


The participants are asked punctuality to enter the starting boxes staggered, depending on the color of their number. Organization and judges of the Catalan Athletics Federation will control that it is done correctly (Prior information for networks, web or email).


For participants over 60 years old (risk group) or participants who claim it for safety and to avoid risks, the spaces at the start will be wider and will have a number with a different color.


For the placement of participants on the starting line we will use a time scale, which the timing company Championchip and La Sansi will establish with the best marks of each participant in the last 24 months at 5 km, 10 km or 21 km. With your best brand we would place you in the corresponding drawer according to your level, or as the organization deems appropriate for the proper functioning and safety of the race. The departure time will be marked by each participant on their number, and punctuality will be very important.


All participants of the 2 distances will be given a technical shirt (those who choose the option) + runner bag with various gifts from the sponsoring companies + commemorative medal to participants of all distances.


  1. All participants must run with the chip that the organization will deliver that will take them to the number and will not have to return, except those who already have their own yellow chip. The time limit will be 3 hours to do the 13km. After this time, those who want to continue may continue out of the race and under their responsibility. In case of bad weather conditions or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to stop the race, modify the route or vary the time limitations.


The organization and the health team may remove a participant before or during the race, when they consider that they have reduced physical or technical capacities as a cause of fatigue, do not have the recommended material, or their conditions are not appropriate for take part. The abandonments can only be made at the control points indicated by the organization, whoever abandons at any other unauthorized point, must return to the finish line by their own means.


The real time for the classification will be guided by the chip, which will be activated when passing through the mat of the starting arc, successively passing through all the controls of the course, and the stopwatch ends when passing the chip again for the mat of the goal arc.


In the event that any participant needs evacuation due to accident, illness or injury that prevents the approach, an attempt should be made to notify the organization by all possible means, contacting a control or security assistance person to activate the operation of rescue. A telephone number of the organization is available on the number in case of emergency.


It is mandatory to wear the number clearly visible on the front. The manipulation of this is grounds for disqualification. Athletes without a number will not be able to leave or enter the finish line. Organization staff will be in charge of applying this regulation.


Recommended material at 13km Hydration system (minimum 200ml) or cardboard cup in case you want hydration at the point of provisioning during the tour (We will have emergency glasses at the refreshment stations).


At 5km there is no mandatory or recommended material.


The organization will ask for a DNI or similar to verify the identity and age of the athlete when collecting the number. If you want to collect the number of another participant, you must present a photocopy or ID of the participant.


Depending on the nature of the activities and the transmission mechanisms of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, we can establish the different risk scenarios in which those involved in the activity may find themselves, up to the possibility of requesting health data from those who wish participate, or warm up before the race.


There will be the following services: Medical service with ambulances, exit boxes according to the level of the participants, cloakroom, WC, volunteer tent, gift bag, name number, liquid supplies during the tour, and liquid and solid at the end of the tour. race.

It is not enough to respect the maximum capacity, at all times it must be guaranteed that people do not crowd at any point (entrance, exit, delivery of numbers, cloakroom, entrances, drawers, refreshment stations ...).

We will enable drivers as necessary to ensure the separation of people. The need for separation and minimum required security distance will be reminded periodically by public address.


8) In the mobility of people, especially in the accesses, unidirectional flows will be established, beaconing, signaling these flows and controlling that they are fulfilled, avoiding bidirectional flows and crossings between people.


The organization reserves the right to modify the dates or the route, without the right to claim compensation from those registered. In the same way, the organization reserves the right to extend the registration period for the race, by any of the participating groups, if it considers it appropriate. Participants will have to go through the passage controls, where we will have personnel from the organization who will verify the passage of the participants. It is important to follow the instructions and advice of the organization and security personnel.


We will have a field hospital with a doctor and toilets on departure and arrival, and ambulances scattered along the route, prepared for any type of incident.




Only accredited journalists will be able to cover the race, those essential to cover the event, will be identified with a press and / or accreditation bib, and their corresponding mask.


The same morning of the race, the Organization will distribute video images and photographs in different media that so desire.



Claims will be accepted exclusively until 23:59 on the same day of the race via e-mail: lloret@lasansi.com


When registering, all participants give their consent for the La Sansi Athletics Club, by itself or by third parties, to use the images of the event for its promotion, as well as the computer processing for exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes of your personal information.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, the participant may exercise their right to these files in order to rectify or cancel their content partially or totally. To exercise this right, you must request in writing to the registered office of La Sansi (C / San Bonaventura, 35 1º 1ª, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona)


Participants explicitly allow their name, surname, sex and year of birth to be published in the lists of registrants, as well as the results list if they finish the race, following the established regulations.


To enroll:

Internet: www.lloretrail.com or www.lasansi.com


5km race:

With technical shirt + gift bag + commemorative medal - 19.70€

With commemorative medal and gift bag, but no shirt - 16.70€

If there is a yellow chip for rent, with an amount of 2€ more at registration.


13km race:

With technical shirt + gift bag + commemorative medal - 22.70€

With commemorative medal and gift bag, but no shirt - 19.70€

 If there is a yellow chip for rent, with an amount of 2€ more at registration.

(2 weeks before the race, registrations increase 1€)


Groups or clubs will have a cheaper registration (minimum 8 participants), by sending an email to: lloret@lasansi.com


The classifications can be consulted the morning of the test at: / www.lloretrail.com

Closing of registrations when a maximum number of 800 registered in the set of tests that are part of the race is reached.




  1. a) Absolute podium in the first 3 and in the first 3 of each distance. The trophy, completely disinfected, will be collected by the respective winners on the podium. Authorities, athletes and sponsors will keep the safety distance.


  1. b) Special award to the youngest and most veteran participant, and the first locals of each distance.


  1. c) Gifts and big surprises will be raffled off among the participants. The rules of the draw will be as follows:


The draw will be held on live social networks the days prior to the race and will be delivered during the morning of the race.


Elite athletes, organizing committee and family members will NOT be part of the draw.


The bib number will be the reference for participation in the draw. The prize must be claimed physically with the DNI in a period not exceeding the day of the race at 1:00 p.m.


 Delivery of numbers: When the date approaches, it will be published on the web


Failure to withdraw the race number and the broker bag on the established days means the renouncement of them and participation without a number. (Consult the bib collection section).


Cloakroom: We will have an area to store the participants' belongings (cloakroom). Each participant with their belongings in their bag or backpack will leave it in place reserved and will pick up once the race ends. Volunteers will keep an eye on belongings at all times and will control that participants leave and collect their backpack (which will match their bib number). The volunteers or organization at no time will touch the backpacks of participants.


Free services for the runner included in the registration price:


Technical t-shirt.

Commemorative medal

Training, briefing and presentation the day before the race for Social Networks (we will inform the time for the web)

Accident and RC insurance.

Hotel offer for participants and accompanied.

Personalized numbers with the name of the runner

Colored numbers according to the distance to participate

Training the weeks before to prepare for the race and in different cities.

Health service along the route, with a field hospital on arrival

Liquid refreshment before departure.

Starting boxes according to the level and marks of the participants.

Training plans on the web.

Collection of the bib up to 1 hour before departure.

Planting study.

Signposting of the most important kilometer points.

Animation points during the tour and at the start.

4,000 photographs.

Great draw with the bib number.

Live race on social networks

Departure and arrival videos

Maximum time to complete the race: 3 hours until 12: 00h


 the Sansi