Dmitrijis Serjogins, Latvian athlete from La Sansi, and Cristina Silva were the winners of the 42nd San Silvestre de El Masnou that was held this morning in the town of Maresme. The race with 1,700 registered between the 5km and minor races, is the oldest in Catalonia, it has gone ahead


Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, both the Masnou City Council and La Sansi, sponsors, collaborators, and participants.




For the first time it had the support of the Heppner brand, the main sponsor, and with the collaboration of the Barcelona Provincial Council. The test has been contested without problems, in four separate starts, and with the necessary sanitary measures, in this way, the athletes have worn the mask at all times except when they were running.




Dmitrijs Serjogins achieved victory with a time of 14'28 ”, followed by Miquel Doménech, with 14'34”, and the international U20 athlete Marc Fernàndez, with 14'40 ”.




On the other hand, in the women's category, the victory was taken by Cristina Silva with a time of 16'31 ”, a race record. In second position, Marta Romance, with a time of 17'23 ”, followed in third position by Emma Casati, with 17'36”.