The 40th Sant Silvestre del Masnou of 5km (the 3rd year-end race with more participants in Catalonia) will take place on December 26 in Masnou at 9: 45h, on a 5km route of the fastest on the calendar, with a 2,200 registered limit. The minors' races will begin at 09: 15h where the collection of the inscriptions will be for a charitable cause, with more than 300 minors.

In the marina of Masnou, where the departure and arrival will take place, the Joma long-sleeved technical shirt with Ricard Plana sports manager of Masnou, Jose Luis Blanco organizer and President of La Sansi, together with representatives of the Port, have been presented from Masnou and sports department.

For the first time, women will participate at 9: 45h, being the only Sant Silvestre in Spain only for women, having its special prominence. At 10:30 a.m. the starting shot will be given at 5km for men, in a very fast circuit. The two races will feature different hare from in 20 ', 25', 30 ‘and 35 minutes.

The 5km participants will receive a Joma long-sleeved technical shirt, and a gift bag from the main sponsors, with free train, 2,000 photographs, parking at the port, all included in the registration fee. At the end of the test, for the 5th edition, a raffle of material will be held among all riders, with the highest prize of a SYM motorcycle.

How to register:

Online, through where you will have videos and 3,500 photographs totally free.

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