The Masnou City Council organizes, on December 26, the 41st edition of the San Silvestre del Masnou "Barcelona Provincial Council Grand Prize", which will be managed and executed by La Sansi.


The San Silvestre del Masnou, the oldest in Catalonia, is the first official San Silvestre confirmed in Catalonia, after receiving authorizations from the El Masnou City Council and the Catalan Athletics Federation, forming part of the national calendar of the Spanish Athletics Federation.


The race will comply with all the mandatory safety and hygiene requirements, and recommended by the authorities, with a limit of 800 registered, both internationally and popular athletes.


The previous edition was the men's 5km race with the highest level in Spain, and it will begin at 9:30 am with 3 mixed staggered starts with 333 registered each start, and 1 hours apart, meeting the required safety distance at the time of the event , and will count the real time of each participant since he passes through the timing mats (Championchip).


With the main sponsorship of the Hoka brand, in this edition we will not have children's races, and the start and finish will be located at different points.


Last September, La Sansi goes part of the organization in the Carrera de la Mercè with 3,000 registered and the Lloretrail, with successful participation and dissemination.


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