There are already nearly 1,600 registered, for now, in the 44th Sant Silvestre del Masnou of 5 km, the oldest in Catalonia, next Tuesday, December 26.
For now, it is at a record pace for registrations in its 44 consecutive editions (the last 14 with La Sansi), even during the pandemic it was one of the only 3 end-of-year races that were organized in Spain (the other two were Cursa dels Nassos and Vallecana).
With an approved circuit, very fast and with only two turns.
Today Daniel Fernández from the Heppner company and the organizer Jose Luis Blanco presented the Luanvi t-shirt. The children's races will start at 11:30 a.m. with charity fundraising.
Participants will be able to enjoy a free train, a good gift bag, good final supplies, masseuses, a cloakroom, a marked circuit every 500 meters, a big raffle, photographs, among other surprises.