Following the recommendations of the Government of the Generalitat, with the latest measures approved this afternoon as a result of the current situation:


Lloret City Council has decided to cancel the program for the Santa Cristina Festival, scheduled for next week.


In the case of the race Lloretrail, scheduled for July 26, it is postponed until the situation improves and we are placed next to the City Council to organize as soon as possible based on the assessment of the circumstances.


Although there has been NO outbreak in Lloret that requires the application of restrictive or confinement measures, the municipal government has taken this decision as a precautionary and preventive measure.


In the province of Girona, we have been dead for 11 days on Covid-19. On the part of Sansi, as organizers, it has been taken into account that among our nearly 900 registered, a good percentage are from the province of Barcelona. The Government of Catalonia voluntarily restricts mobility in this province and its metropolitan area, which is why we understand that although some people do not like the decision, it is the most responsible today.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing you next month.