1. The Masnou City Council organizes, on December 26, the 40th edition of the San Silvestre del Masnou race, which will be managed and executed by La Sansi. The event will start at 9.15 with the races and 5km races will take place from 9:45 a.m. the women's race and 10:30 a.m. men's race. By space, men and women's races will be at different times.

2. Registration is open to all, regardless of age, gender or nation. Each runner or runner participates under their responsibility and also assumes that they have sufficient physical fitness to cope with the test. Participating in the race represents total acceptance and respect for this regulation. Its interpretation and everything that is not expressly regulated will be decided by the Organizing Committee.

3. The registration rights are:
With shirt and gifts: 12 euros (14 euros rental chip)
No shirt or gifts: 9 euros (11 euros rental chip)

Discounts for groups of 10 people can contact

a. For groups of more than 10 participants (with rental chip): 10 euros per participant
b. For groups of more than 10 participants (with their own chip): 8 euros per participant

Children's race (2005-2019)
Registration fees for the children's race are 4 euros with a technical shirt and 2 euros without a technical shirt (the benefit of which will be for solidarity donations).

4. Dorsal delivery:
Days before the race, still to be determined.

The same day of the race in the departure zone from 7.30h to 9h

5. Registration can be made through the Internet at or or in person at the following points:

6. The maximum registration period ends on December 19th at 23.59 hours or until the backs are exhausted (Some of the last editions have been exhausted 10 days before the race). Even so, the expected number of participants is 2,300 registered and the registration period can be closed upon reaching this figure.

7. Registration is personal and non-transferable, and implies the full acceptance of these bases and the official Regulations of the Funds Commission for the Funds of the Catalan Athletics Federation.

The participants explicitly allow their name, surname, gender and birth year to be published in the lists of registrars, as well as the results if they finish the race, in accordance with established regulations.

The organization will request a DNI or other identification to verify the age or identity of the athlete. Registration forms will reflect the authorization of parents or guardians for the participation of any minor participant. This authorization will allow the transfer of the minor to the nearest emergency center, in the event of an accident and not by the parents or guardians.
If the person who is finally registered can not participate in the test, the organization will not make any return or change.

8. Everyone who participates in the popular races should be presented to the starting line with the corresponding back and chip visible on the chest. The backless athletes will not be able to leave or enter the goal. The organization's staff will be in charge of applying this regulation.

9. The timing of the race will be done through the Chip system with the company Championchip, the yellow chip of ownership and the white chip of rent that will go up the ridge and will not have to return.

10. Only brokers and brokers that start, follow and finish the entire route with the corresponding back and chip, and they will transfer the line of arrival to the classifications.

11. The organization is not responsible for the moral or material damages that may be caused by the participants and the public during this competition.
Claims will be accepted exclusively until 23:59 on the same day of the race via email:

The children's race will be participatory and all children born from 2005 until now can be taken part. There will be a prize for the first three classified men and women.

12. Timing of the races:

9.15 h Olímpics 1 Men and Women 2014-2019 (400mts)
9.20 h Olímpics 2 Masculine and Women 2010-2013 (800mts)
9.25 h Olímpics 3 Men and Women 2005-2009 (800mts)
9.45h San Silvestre for women, All ages 5 kilometers
10.30h San Silvestre for men. All ages 5 kilometers

In the 5km races, the participation of sportsmen over 14 years old is recommended.

13. The prizes will be the following:

- Prize for the 3 first absolute masculine and feminine classifications

- Prize for the first three men and women of juvenile races:
Olímpics 1 Male and Female 2014 - 2019
Olímpics 2 Masculine and Women 2010 - 2013
Olímpics 3 Masculine and Women 2005 - 2009

- Award to the first of each category, which have not been among the first 3 absolute ones
• Men / women between 2000 and 2006 male and female Junior category
• Men / women between 1995 and 1999 male and female Promise category
• Men / women between 1985 and 1994 male and female senior category
• Men / women between 1975 and 1984 Veteran category +35 male and female
• Men / women between 1965 and 1974 Veteran category +45 male and female
• Men / women between 1955 and 1964 Veteran category +55 male and female
• Men / women between 1900 and 1954 Veteran category +65 male and female

- Masnou championship prize at the first absolute masculine and feminine classrooms.
- Award to the youngest and greatest.
- Award to the entity with the most number of registered / participating runners.

14. All the participants who choose the option with a shirt will receive a long-sleeved technical shirt and a gift bag with products from the sponsoring companies. In the promotion races there will also be a technical shirt for the participants.

15. Likewise, the participants will have a free parking service in the same way due to the kindness of Promocions Portuàries, SA, Port del Masnou, a wardrobe service in the exit area, a playground child (from 3 years old). That day intense traffic is planned to access the parking area and therefore it is recommended that the participants arrive sufficiently in advance to avoid collapse. Taking into account that the Masnou train station is located next to the start and finish of the race, and that you have a free train ticket to make the round trip, it is recommended to use the train as by means of transport. The Port will close the entrance at 8:30 a.m. and until 11.15 pm it will not be possible to circulate.

16. Drawings and great surprises will be drawn between those who reach the finish line. The draw will be made at the time of the awards ceremony, elite athletes, organizing committee and family members will not be able to participate. A 125cc motorcycle will be raffled among those who participated in Santa Coloma's Santa Claus Race 12/22/19 and the San Silvestre del Masnou 12/26/19.

17. There will be the following services: medical service, name dorsal, outlet drawers according to the brand, voluntary meeting point, delivery of gifts, provision at the end of the race, WC, wardrobe, changing rooms, children's play area , raffle for sports equipment and a motorcycle.

18. The results will be on the web from the moment the participant crosses the finish line, on the web:

19. The fact of participating in the race implies the acceptance of these participation bases, while what is not collected is left by the organization's decision.

20. Participants making their registration give their consent for the Club Atletisme La Sansi, for itself or for third parties, to use the images of the test for their promotion as well as personal data for computer processing For exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, participants may exercise their right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel them partially or total your data. To exercise this right, you must request it in writing at the registered office of La Sansi (C / de Sant Buenaventura, 35, 1r. 1a, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona).

The organization reserves the right to change the date or route, or cancel the event, without being entitled to claim any compensation from the inscribed parties.

The Sansi

01 November 2019