A Trail with distances of 6 km and 16 km organized by La Sansi, with the collaboration of the Lloret de Mar City Council, esportcat, Consell Comarcal de La Selva and Diputació de Girona. A morning session with 525 registered, and athletes of 17 nationalities.

In the men's category in the 16 km. and about 800 meters of elevation gain, victory for the Sansi international athlete Dmitrijs Serjogins from Letònia, and in women's champion the Argentine María Florencia Milanesi.

In the 6 km. victory for Guillem Valverde, and in women's champion the international athlete from Kosovo, Gresa Bakraci, who is preparing for the Olympic Games at the distance of 800 meters.

The 1st kids&us race was also held, with all the numbers sold out.

Results and more information at www.lloretrail.com lloret@lasansi.com