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Next to the exit to the Kaikuta Fountain (Behind the Local Police)

The collection of bibs will take place in the space intended for the collection of the bib + t-shirt, it will be next to the exit to the Kaikuta Fountain (behind the local police).

Dorsal collection times and days:

Saturday the 10th from 11am to 1pm or from 4pm to 6pm

Sunday the 11th from 1 hour to 10 minutes before your start (check timetables on the race website).

The gift bag will be delivered on arrival.

We ask for your patience as health measures force us to be scrupulous and do the process one by one.

In order to access and facilitate organizational tasks, you must:

DNI or registration receipt (can be presented by showing it from the mobile).
Remember the assigned number (the list will be posted on the race website and you will have an informative email with your number).
In the case of collecting other numbers, in addition to your own, the corresponding authorization will be required (photocopy or photo of the person’s DNI).


You will be able to enter the forest of the race from 30 minutes to 2 minutes before your start and in your drawer of your series you will be able to enter 10 to 2 minutes before your start. Participants will enter the forest and drawers in groups of 100 on each outing.


1st outing 09:00 Elite (series 1)
2nd departure 09:02 (series 1)
3rd departure 09:04 (series 1)

4ª departure 09: 15h (series 2)

5ª departure 09: 30h (series 3)

6ª departure 09: 45h (series 4)

7ª departure 10:00 am (series 5)

8ª departure 10: 15h (series 6)

9th departure 10:30 am (series 7)


1st departure 11:30 am (series 8)

2nd departure 11:40 am (series 9)

3rd departure 11:50 am (series 10)

As long as the participant is running either in the warm-up or in the race, the mask must NOT be worn.