Next Sunday, September 11 at 10 a.m. Bellaterra will host its tenth popular race of the Day, organized by the EMD and La Sansi, in recent years it has been the popular race of the Day with the most participants throughout Catalonia.


In this new edition, the race will be 5 and 10 kilometers and registrations have closed with nearly 700 registrants from 11 other nationalities, which are Ukraine, Ecuador, Morocco, France, Argentina, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Holland, Andorra and Japan.

Among the favorites stand out the Englishman Jack Gray who clocks 29'20 in the 10km and in the girls' 5km the Ukrainian athlete Inna Lebedeva and the English Becky Hair. Other outstanding athletes Juanma Álvarez, Josep Diaz Carretero, and La Sansi athletes Jose Luis Cruz and Sonia Gallego.


The 10ª Sansi de Bellaterra will again be a popular race, in an idyllic and quiet environment, with an attractive route along the "Via verde".

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