Regulation 8th Sansi de Bellaterra of 5 and 10km

1. The Athletics Club La Sansi and EMD of Bellaterra will organize on September 11, 2019 at 10 o'clock, the 8th edition of La Sansi de Bellaterra, a 5 and 10 km race for all ages with joint start, start and finish in front of the station of Catalan Railways of Bellaterra.

2. The event is open to all and the fact of registering or participating in the event represents the total acceptance and respect of this regulation. Its interpretation and everything that is not expressly regulated, will be decided by the commission.

3. The distance of the absolute category will be 5 and 10kms, and the schedules will be the following:

Sansi de Bellaterra timetables
Carrera Sex Years of birth Distáncia Hora
The Sansi Bellaterra M and F All ages
5,000 and 10,000 meters
10: 00h
M and F Winners 11: 10h

4. All participants of the 5km race will be given a technical shirt and the broker's bag with various gifts from the sponsoring companies ... among others.

5. Athletes without dorsal will not be able to go out or enter the finish line. Staff of the organization will be responsible for applying this regulation.

6. The organization will ask DNI or similar to verify the identity and age of the athlete when collecting the number. If you pick up that of another participant, you need an original DNI or a photocopy of the other participant.

7. There will be the following services: medical service, departure boxes, meeting tent for volunteers, gift delivery, supplies at the end of the race, cloakroom and portable toilets.

8. The participation in the event is under the responsibility and own risk of the participants. The participants, at the time of registration, state that they are physically fit for the event. The organization declines all responsibility for the damages the participants may cause during the test, cause their own or derive from them / them to third parties.

9. All participants must give their consent for the Sansi athletics club, by itself or by third parties, to make use of the images of the event for its promotion, as well as the computer treatment for exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes. your personal information. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, the participant may exercise his right to this file with the aim of rectifying or canceling the partial or total form of its content. To exercise this right, you must request in writing to the registered office of La Sansi (C / San Buenaventura, 35 1º 1ª, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona)

10. Participants explicitly allow their name, surname, gender and year of birth to be published in the registration lists, as well as the results list if they finish the race, following the established rules

11. Claims will be accepted exclusively until 23:59 of the same day of the race

12. The Organization reserves the right to modify the dates or route, or cancel the event, without there being any right to claim compensation.
In the same way, the organization reserves the right to extend the registration period to the race, for any of the participating groups, if it considers it appropriate.

To register: Internet:

Special discount for groups or clubs (minimum 10 registered), sending an email to

5km race

A) With technical shirt and gift bag - € 9.30 with own chip (€ 11.30 chip rental)

B) No technical shirt or gift bag - € 6.30 with own chip (€ 8.30 chip rental)

BORN FROM 2009 to 2019 (different dorsal color)
C) With technical shirt and gift bag - € 8.30 with own chip (€ 10.30 chip rental)

D) No technical shirt or gift bag - € 5.30 with own chip (€ 7.30 chip rental)

On 9/1/19 they will ask for inscriptions 1 €

10km course

E) With technical shirt and gift bag - € 11.30 with own chip (€ 13.30 chip rental)

F) No technical shirt or gift bag - € 8.30 with own chip (€ 10.30 chip rental)

On 01/09/19 registrations will increase 1 €
13. Limited places, 1,200 participants. The last day to register will be 08/09/2019 if there are still registrations. The classifications can be consulted the same morning of the race at

14. You can buy Jose Luis Blanco's book "Overcoming obstacles" and pick it up on the day of delivery of numbers. For all ages. Price € 5.

15. Awards:
to. Trophy to the first three athletes of the general male and female classification of 5 and 10km, more gifts. Special prize for the youngest participant and the oldest.
b. Award by categories.
c. After the awards ceremony, gifts will be raffled off, and big surprises will be drawn between the finish line. The rules of the draw will be as follows:
• The draw will be made at the time of the awards ceremony.
• Elite athletes, organizing committee and family members will not be part of the draw.
• The bib number will be the reference of participation in the draw. The prize must be claimed in a physical manner with the number in a period not exceeding three minutes. If the winner does not come out the draw will be repeated successively.

16. Delivery of bibs and jerseys
More information on the webpage.

17. Free cloakroom
It is essential to deliver any piece with a bag or backpack.

The Sansi
June 21, 2019