The Mayor of Sant Adrià de Besòs Joan Callau, his sports ruler Juan Carlos Ramos, Jose Luis Blanco, organizer and President of La Sansi, and Miguel Ángel Vilariño, representative of Correos Express have delivered a donation check to the Miquel Valls Foundation.

The fourth edition of the popular race Correos Express, is the Catalan race for the Ela with more participation, about 1,300 registered, and was played on May 5 in Sant Adrià de Besòs in a framework of solidarity, many athletes fought together with a common goal: to combat and make visible the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Today, in the City Council of Sant Adrià, the charity check has been delivered with the inscriptions for the Catalan foundation of the ELA Miquel Valls. The mayor, Joan Callau, Juan Carlos Ramos, Miguel Angel Vilariño and Jose Luis Blanco, have formalized the delivery of the check of 2.742 euros to Margarita Llauguer, representative of the Fundació.

It should be noted that in the 4 editions of the race held in Sant Adrià, more than 13,200 euros have been collected for research and the fight against ELA. "To thank the great work of all the parties involved, especially La Sansi and Correos Express, we are very proud of this race in our city," said Joan Callau during the delivery of the check.

"All Sant Adrià has been up to par, City Council and sports department have turned to the race, as well as the local police, volunteers, civil protection and brigade We are very satisfied, that Sunday there were 15 races in the province of Barcelona and was the most participatory, the city and participants show that they are very supportive, "added Jose Luis Blanco, organizer of the race.

"We are delighted to continue in all the editions in this benchmark charity race in Catalonia, and to be the first, that thanks to our company we have been able to send the numbers and t-shirts of the participants home before the race, without any incident" added Miguel Ángel Vilariño, representative of Correos Express.