Quien soy?

Jose Luis Blanco Quevedo was born in Lloret de Mar (Girona). He's and Olympic athlete, national coach and promoter of popular races with the

La Sansi club, which he founded and presides since 2008. The club  has more than 80 athletes from 7 different countries. You can find more

Information about it in: wwww.lasansi.com 

The last years, La Sansi has delivered more than 50.000 picks each year. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Jose Luis has managed 4 races that have exhausted their numbers weeks before of these:  the Lloretrail, the Cursa de la Mercè with 3.000 registered (race with more participants in Spain in a pandemic time), and 2 of the only 3 “San Silvestre” that were organized in Spain in 2020.

The San Silvestre del Masnou race is the oldest in Catalonia; was the 41 edition, with 900 inscriptions, and the Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona, with 1.100 inscriptions, exhausted their numbers in 54 minutes. It was the fastest 5km race in Spain in history and the fastest 10km in Catalonia, and world fast time in Women’s of 2020.

Jose Luis also finances part of the sports career of promising youngsters, with scholarships that have his name. The last 8 years he donated more tahn 100.000€ to different charities. Also, during the year Jose Luis organizes several popular trainings, some of them with more than 800 inscriptions.

 Jose Luis has been organizing races since 2007, in 24 different cities, some with great success that have broken participation records, such as the Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona with more than 12.000 registered (record in a Catalan San Silvestre), also since 2015 he is the Technical Director of the Cursa de la Mercé in Barcelona with 14.000 registered, the 1st Santa Claus Curse with 3,800 participants, the 1st Ponle Freno in Catalonia with 3.000 inscriptions, and another races outside Catalonia like Úbeda, Ávila and Valencia.

 Blanco, already stood out from Junior being 6th in the world in 3.000m.obs with 8'49" behind Africans, later also in 3.000m.obs he was and Olympian at the Olympic Games in Beijing (China), a medalist in the European Championships, silver in Mediterranean Games and gold in Ibero-American games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). In 3.000m.st. in a world championships, he finished in the top 15 in 4 times from 2.003 to 2009, highlighting the 8th place in Paris, and participation in nine consecutive World Cross World Cups (bronze medal for teams in 2002 behind Ethiopia and Kenya).

 Jose Luis, is the last champion of Spain in short cross, and has the records of Catalonia of 5km route 14'17", 5000mts indoor with 14'30" in 2013, that of 2.000m.obs with 5'23"0 in 2003 (Best world record of the year) and the 3000m.obs with 8'12". In the last 4 years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, La Sansi has achieved the team title in the absolute cross-country championship of Catalonia, a championship with more than 100 years of history, and also managed to be the champion of Spain Master M40 of 10,000m.l. in 2018, and got 4 gold medals in the master world championship held in Lyon, being the M40 athlete with the most gold medals.

 His longevity in the obstacle course highlights that in 1992 at the age of 16 he performed 4'20 in 1.500m.obs. then he achieved Junior 8'49" (sixth in the world), 5'23'04 in 2.000m.obs and 8'12 in 3.000m.obs (Absolute Catalan Records), in 2015 he broke the Spanish M40 record with 8'57 still in force, and in 2020 he achieved the Catalan record M45 with 9'55.

 Years ago, Blanco starred in and informative event news: the recovery of two bags that had been stolen by three thieves in a supermarket



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