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The Jose Luis Cruz of the La Sansi club and the English Alicia Tozer from the ProRunners Club won the legendary rise and descent to Guanta this morning, which was held in Sentmenat at its 34th edition of 12.3km away.
For teams the C.A.Mollet has won in men and La Sansi in women's category. The team with the most participants has been the Prorunners.

Classifications Men
1st. Jose Luis Cruz (La Sansi) 45'06 "
2nd Marc Tort (CA Mollet) 45'40 "
3rd. Ricard Pérez (Unió Sant Cugat Cyclist) 46'23 "

Classifications women
1st Alice Tozer (ProRunners-England) 53'51 "
2nd. Sonia Gallego (La Sansi) 53'58 "
3rd Anca Cindea 54'30 "

A race with 34 years of history, in this edition with more than 550 registered and a 10% more arrivals than in 2018, where also there have been two races of minors who have opened a sports morning.

Salvador Alcazar also participated, the only participant in the 34 editions of the race.

The awards have been given by councilors and Mayor Marc Verneda, with a recognition to the Sports Technician Pere Domenech for his great work and promotion of sport in Sentmenat and the 34 editions of the race.

Images of Nastascha.es and La Sansi