We share our commitment with you working at home 100%, and once we overcome this situation and return to normal, with the authorization of health and local authorities, we will organize as soon as possible our next 2 races that we had planned @LloreTrail that it exhausted its 800 registrations, but we will add 200 more numbers when the situation is stable, now it does not touch, and the Cursa @mitjamaratomiami de asfalto (Tarragona) also 5km 10km and 21km

By postponing these two races, part of the products in the broker's bag expired, and we will deliver them to hospitals and entities in need, and the sponsors have already confirmed that they will send more products for the race.

Between all of us, with responsibility and strength, we will overcome this situation, and the mental strength of an athlete, we have to demonstrate now more than ever. Train what you can at home, watch the diet and cheer up.

If you have any questions or help and we can help you, do not hesitate to inform us!