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This Sunday, September 20, the city of Barcelona has experienced the second day of the face-to-face modality of the 42nd edition of the Cursa de la Mercè. The format of the event was identical to that of Saturday with 4 series (8.00am, 8.45am, 9.30am and 10.30am) of 375 runners each. Sunday's race also left us with the absolute winners of the Mercè 2020 Race: Artur Bossy, in the men's category, and Gema Barrachina, in the women's category.
Different format, same winners
Although the format of the 42nd Cursa de la Mercè has been completely different from the usual, there are things that do not change. The winners of this year's edition, Artur Bossy and Gema Barrachina, have revalidated last year's victory.
In the men's category, the athlete from Castillejos Caceres RC and current champion of the race, Artur Bossy, repeated the victory with a time of 30:20. Shortly afterwards, and with a final time of 30:28, he crossed the finish line as second in Soufiane Abrouk. And the Australian athlete Marcel Walkington closed the podium with a time of 30:43!
History has repeated itself in the women’s category, as Rios Running Team athlete Gema Barrachina also revalidated last year’s victory with a time of 34:19. In second place was Sara Loher, of the Rockets A.E, with a time of 36:06. Miriam Ortiz, from the Agrupació Atlètica Catalunya, closed the podium with a time of 36:14.
Security measures
This year’s edition of the Cursa de la Mercè has had a detailed protocol of hygienic and safety measures that both the runners and the members of the organization have followed perfectly.
Upon arrival at the race, all runners had to pass a temperature check and then wash their hands with hydroalcoholic ice. Then, always keeping their distance, they were able to leave their belongings in the wardrobe and continue warming up.
A few minutes before each series, the runners have been called in order of numbers to be properly placed at the starting line and thus avoid slips and crowds. In this way, the safety distance between participants has been maintained at all times.
Finally, with intervals of 5 seconds between each line of six participants, the runners began to run the race, at which point they were able to take off their masks and enjoy the test. Upon arrival at the finish line, all of them received a new mask from the organization.
In this way, therefore, the La Mercè 2020 Race has ended in a face-to-face format, a test that has made it possible to enjoy sport in the city safely throughout a weekend and position yourself. , once again, the city of Barcelona as the capital of sport.