2nd Megalithic Tossa de Mar 10/14/18
Trail 5km 10km and 21km
1. The 2th Megalithic Tossa de Mar will be organized by the Club de Fútbol Athletics La Sansi and Club Fondistes Tossa with the collaboration of the City Council of Tossa de Mar on 10/13/19 at 09:00 p.m.

2. The fact of signing up or participating in the test represents total acceptance and compliance with this regulation. Its interpretation and everything that is not expressly regulated, will be decided by the commission, based on the regulation in its Spanish version.

3. Participation in the race is under the responsibility and at the risk of the participants where the decision to participate in the race falls, and exempt the organization of claims or claims based on alleged actions of the participants or others that act in your favor, also of the claims or demands resulting from the damages that may occur to the participants and their materials including the loss. The participants will have to request and sign the documents to the required number of backlogs to demonstrate the regulation more clearly. The participants at the moment of their registration, declare themselves to be physically fit for the event. We will locate at different points of the route and the controls, specialized personnel to ensure the safety of the participants. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the specialized personnel in the event that this is communicated. In the event of abandonment, the organization must be informed as soon as possible at the checkpoints, organization or the emergency telephone number.
Medical staff and ambulances will be available at the strategic points of the route to intervene if necessary. In case weather conditions advise, an alternative route will be made that will be communicated through social networks, web and prior to departure. If, as the case may be, a change in the alternative route once the departure has been made, the participants will be notified to the control points. A scuffle team in charge of closing the race will check the participants' path and help them if they need it.

4. If the person who is finally registered can not take part in the test, the organization will not make a return or change, but with the registration of € 3, cancellation insurance can be removed.

5. The 3 distances to resort to in the absolute category:
Half Marathon 21km

It is recommended that the participants of the 10km are over 16 years old, those who are under the age of 18 must present a paternal / maternal authorization or legal guardianship. Compulsory minimum 18 years to participate in the Half Marathon and Marathon, and the provisional hours, will be the following.

Saturday 10/12/19 fair of the corridor in the sports center of Tossa de Mar
12.30h Soft training with specialized trainers (sports exit)

15h Opening of the fair of the corridor in the sports center of Tossa de Mar, for the delivery of dorsals until 19h.

17: 30h Presentation of the race and press conference (fair of the corridor)
17: 40h Brifing of the race and route (Fair of the corridor)
7:00 pm Closing of the corridor fair.
Sunday 10/13/19 (approximate arrival times)
06: 00h Opening of the delivery of dorsals at the fair of the corridor until 8:15 p.m.
09: 00h Departure of the 3 distances (Official schedule)
09: 05h Draw with numbers on the back
09: 21h Arrival of the first of 5km
09: 25h Arrival of the 1st of the 5km
09: 35h Awards ceremony of the 5km race
09: 52h Arrival of the first of the 10km
10: 04h Arrival of the first of the 10km
10: 45h Arrival of the first of the 21km
11: 10h Arrival of the first of the 21km
12.00h Awards ceremony of 10km and 21km
          Pica Pica for participants in the sports center

All the participants in the 3 distances will be given a long-sleeve technical shirt of the Joma + corridor bag with various gifts from sponsoring companies + commemorative medal to participants from all distances.

7. All athletes that participate must run with the chip that will be delivered by the organization that will take them to the back and they will not have to return, except those that already have their own yellow chip. The time limit will be 4 hours. Those who wish to continue will retire the number, and they can continue off course and under their responsibility. In case of bad weather conditions or security, the organization reserves the right to stop the race, modify the route or vary the time limitations.

The organization and the health team may withdraw from the race to a participant, when they consider that it has decreased their physical or technical capabilities as a cause of fatigue, do not have the required material, or their conditions are not appropriate to continue the race. Abandonments can only be made to the control points indicated by the organization, who leave at any other unauthorized point, will have to return to the finish line by their own means

In the event that a participant needs evacuation for an accident or injury that prevents the approach, it will be necessary to try to notify the organization in all possible ways, contacting a controlling person or security assistance to activate the incident, rescue operation At the back of the back there is an organization phone in case of emergency.

8. It is mandatory to bring the backbone visible on the front. Manipulation of this is cause for disqualification. Athletes without a ridge will not be able to leave, or enter the finish line. Organization personnel will be in charge of applying this rule.

Each participant will have to have, in order to guarantee its security, the following mandatory material.

Recomended Material at (21Km) Whistle; Hydration system (minimum 200ml); Energy bars or the like.

At 5 and 10km no compulsory material;

9. The organization will request a DNI or similar to verify the identity and age of the athlete when collecting the number. If you want to pick up the number of another participant, it will be necessary to present a photocopy or ID of the participant.

10. There will be the following services: Medical service with ambulances and hospital of the arrival campaign, 3 drawers of departure according to the level of the participants, wardrobe, masseuse, fair of the corridor, showers and WC, carp of meeting of volunteers , gift bag, name dorsal, solid and liquid supplies during the tour and at the end of the race.
For the free kindergarten, prior reservation must be made to

11.The organization reserves the right to change the date or route, or cancel the event, without the right to claim compensation from the inscribed parties. In the same way, the organization reserves the right to extend the period of registration for the race, for any of the participating groups, if it considers it appropriate. The participants will have to pass through the pass controls, where we will have staff of the organization that will verify the participants' passage. It is important to follow the instructions and advice of the organization and security staff.

12. Claims will be accepted exclusively until 23:59 on the same day of the race via email:

13. Every participant in registering gives his or her consent for the Club Atletisme La Sansi, for itself or for third parties, to use the images of the test for its promotion, as well as computer treatment exclusively for sports, promotional purposes or commercial of your personal data. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, the participant may exercise their right to these files in order to rectify or cancel the partial or total its content To exercise this right, you must apply in writing to the registered office of La Sansi (C / Sant Buenaventura, 35 1st 1, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona)

14. The participants explicitly allow their name, surname, gender and birth year to be published on the lists of registrars, as well as to the results if they finish the race, following the established regulations.

15. To sign up:
a) Internet: or

5km race:
With Joma technical shirt with long sleeves + gift bag + commemorative medal - € 16

With a commemorative medal without a shirt, or a gift bag - € 13

10km race:
With Joma technical shirt with long sleeve + gift bag + commemorative medal- € 18

With a commemorative medal, but without a shirt, or a gift bag - € 15

21km race:
With Joma technical shirt with long sleeve + gift bag + commemorative medal- € 24

With a commemorative medal, but without a shirt, or a gift bag - € 21

(As of 01/09/19 the inscriptions increase € 2 at 5 and 10km, € 4 at 21km)

Groups or clubs, you will have a cheaper inscription (minimum 8), sending an e-mail to:

16. Classifications can be consulted the same morning of the test at: /

17. Closure of registrations on 09/10/19 or when a maximum number of 900 is registered in the set of tests that are part of the race.

18. Awarding:

a) Customized Medal The Megalithic + gift bag for the first three athletes of the general masculine and feminine classification, and the first three in each category of all distances.

b) Special prize for the youngest and most veteran participant, and at the first premises of each distance. .

c) Draw presents and great surprises among the participants. The rules of the draw will be the following:
- The draw will take place after the start and the winners will be placed on a plan at the entrance to the corridor fair next to the results.
- Elite athletes, organizing committee and family members will not be part of the draw.
- The number of the number will be the reference of participation in the draw. The prize will be physically rewarded with the DNI in a period not exceeding the day of the race at 1:00 p.m.

-Important to win it reach the finish line.

19. Fair of the corridor in the sports center of Tossa de Mar
Saturday 10/12/19 from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 10/13/19 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:15 p.m.

The fact of not removing the number and bag of the corridor on the established days means the resignation of them and the participation without a back cover. (See section collection of the number).

20. Cloakroom
Inside the sports hall, next to the exit. It will be indispensable to deliver any item in a sports bag or backpack.

Club La Sansi
Club Fondistes Tossa
May 17, 2019

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